SHOWMETRAIN - American National Transportation System
America does not have a National Energy Grid, yet. The SHOWMETRAIN PROJECT will create our National Energy Grid and it will be able to supply energy to the three regional grids that do exist, and to those cities, and other facilities in or out of those grids that need it on an emergency or even a regular basis. Renewable & Traditional Energy Sources will be collected and carried on the SHOWMETRAIN platform.
Why is it important to have a National Energy Grid?
America runs on electrical energy and we use a lot of it. You might not pay much attention to it, until you don’t have it, but in today’s world we can’t really live like we do, without it. The SMT Energy Component helps with the following:
One of the largest expenses a utility company can take on, and that we pay for is expanding their capacity, and installing high power transmission systems. In addition to the cost of the installation and materials, it is a night mare to get authorization to even do it. For one thing, few want those high wire systems in their neighborhood or city. The SMT  Platform has its own  electrical transmission system; you just do not see it.

For information on energy systems and sources see the following:​