SHOWMETRAIN - American National Transportation System
Cables, Transmission Lines, and Fiber Optics will be carried on the SHOWMETRAIN PLATFORM. This will provide rural America and other areas with Voice, Video, and Internet communication services as many of our larger cities do. ​
Access will be FAST, SECURE and ECONOMICAL. It will provide NEW or existing carriers with the ability to cover many geographical areas that SATELITES do not serve. Further, existing systems can be configured to use the SHOWMETRAIN communication facilities to handle their phone and other services if and when their satellite network is compromised. 
Expansions of communication facilities face the same dilemma that the electrical energy lines face (see picture of the high tower systems) and that is that most people do not want those towers and lines anywhere near them. The SMT has them as part of the system; you just do not see them.​

Questions and Answers


The SHOWMETRAIN communication facilities will be less susceptible to hackers and intrusion, than existing communication systems because it is new and will start off on a secure footing.
Businesses will provide the hardware that is installed on the SMT, except for those used by the Federal and State Governments.
Networks, and communication companies will pay a small fee to use the SMT and this will contribute to paying for the development of the SMT, and for the maintenance too.