SHOWMETRAIN - American National Transportation System

DETAILS: Although most will not require more information to understand the concept and benefits of the SHOWMETRAIN project, the route plans, and designs for the components and the SMT Platform can be found in the book titled: A.N.T.S. American National Transportation System. It is available in soft and hard formats at most online book stores.

The SHOWMETRAIN Project also known as A.N.T.S., American National Transportation System, is a common sense solution to one of the largest economic problems in America today; enlarging the middle economic class. The current administration has done a great job in getting the unemployment numbers down to record lows; now let’s grow the size of the middle economic class.  

The SMT will do the job. It will cure the underemployment problem and allow many to work one job, not multiple jobs to support themselves and/or their families. It will provide many with the opportunity to start their own business.

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PROJECT FUNDING: Proposed method for the construction of this project is through Public Private Partnerships. This means that governments will provide some funds although the majority of funding will be supplied through the private sector. In turn the latter will retain income from operations on the SMT Platform. The federal and state governments will retain control and regulate operations in a manner similar to the operation of the Interstate Highway System. It is anticipated that the high speed rail operations will require little if any subsidies, unlike the airline operators or carriers currently receive from the taxpayers. See the following link for related information.